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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pic Post

Went to lunch in Inwood today, which is Uptown for most of you but Downtown for me :)
Headed to Macy's afterward and then ended up on a little walk around Manhattan. Sorry for the awful BB pics, hope you enjoy the 'tour'

Ahhh The Macy's Flower Show. I bet you didn't know there was something beyond the Thanksgiving Day Parade? I had heard of the Flower Show but never stepped inside the store during it. This is the 1st floor, all around the cosmetics/sparklers/handbags side of the building. It's even more crowded with tourists than usual. I did not last long inside.
Empire State building. Can't help but start singing
"Concrete jungle where dreams are made of..."
That song gets so annoying it's funny.

Then Iheaded to Bloomingdale's and finally my favorite corner in NYC

It was just about rush hour - tons of suits & tourists aaaaand little me swarming Grand Army Plaza and the streets around The Plaza & the Paris theatre. On one trip in to the City with my mommy as a teen we were in this neighborhood and my mom said to me "oh we HAVE to go in the Plaza". We used the ladies room and ended up near one of the ballrooms where there was a girl & her entourage meeting with the special events coordinator to plan her wedding. Dreamy dreamy dreamy.
Hello lover. I love the horses. A carriage ride is on my NYC bucket list.

So clearly the rain has stopped - rejoice! Hope to bring my actual real camera out & about tomorrow & Friday. Expect more pic posts bunnies. Until then...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I ventured out in the rain earlier for a little bit to Target and look who's there! Giada!

Couldn't tell what was there in the empty space but whatever it was it must have been good!
Small appliances! Pots & Pans! Love!

She's here in the tri-state area but no appearances in NYC, except for a Today Show appearance. My reliance on mass transportations fails me. So sad.

My motto may be the Gilmore Girls line "WWTBFCD" - what would the Bare Foot Contessa do (yes I know barefoot is one word, that's how they say it in the show)
but I also agree to "WWGD" - what would Giada do.
Addio Bellas!


Rain rain go away - I want some Rita's!

If it ever stops raining, there will be time for a 2nd trip to Rita's. We went on the first day of Spring, when it's free (yeah we love that!). If there's a Rita's by you and you've never gone - GO! Really really good Italian Ices and more.

The rain isn't actually THAT bad. This morning I could hear a few little birds trying to sing their songs over the raindrops. And I thought - what a beautiful sort of metaphor for life. In times of rain & sadness, sing your song as best you can. And um, go to Rita's. HAHA


Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break!

Are you like me & I think every other working adult and you hate Mondays?
Today - I like this Monday. The best kind of Monday out there! Spring Break Monday!
It's raining & forecasted to rain for the next few days but that's ok. A lot has been done already and it isnot even 10am - Peapod has already delivered groceries for the week and now I'm munching on a pop-tart settled in to watch a certain movie....

Here’s to responsibility. Twice a week. ~Jacob Black New Moon

Here's to a week of responsibility necessary!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Cautionary Tale

Yeah...had no idea I took this picture Friday night until I went thru my phone today.
What's not pictured are the shots we did after MSU won.
But let this be a cautionary tale to those of you, who like myself, don't drink on a regular basis. The saying is true "Beer before liquor never sicker" When will I ever learn?
Husband saved the day Saturday by running out for a good greasy breakfast. And brought it to me in bed, where I spent the majority of the day, fyi. It has been a looooong time since I was that hungover and I hope it is the last. Ok, who am I kidding. I give it until June when the end of the school year fun kicks in.

I bought that breakfast tray thinking it would lead to sweet romantic mornings in bed. Not mornings where my head is throbbing so hard I can't see straight. Oh well.

To my dear little sisters in college - stay far far away from tequila - it is NOT good for our DNA.

Keep it classy not trashy my friends.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tea Tuesday

I tweeted recently about realizing I had 3 boxes of Celestial Seasoning's Sleepytime tea. 3 boxes people! How did that happen??? Excessive!

Tonight Peapod delivered groceries (btw the delivery guys looked barely legal - total baby faces!) which included 2 boxes of Twining's English Breakfast tea. BUT It's not as bad as it seems. 1 box is for work. Where, I found out, one of the subs has been 'borrowing' my tea in my absence. Who 'borrows' a tea bag? Lady if you use a tea bag please do not return it. "Is it ok - I borrowed a tea bag while you were out?" Well I can't exactly ask for it back now can I?! I love working with children, it's the adults I can't stand....

Twining's has a box of loose tea I've seen at Morton Williams . Ummmm - I WANT THE TIN!

4 links in one post - crazy. Time to go make tea!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Best NYC Date

My husband & I went on our first date 5 years ago tonight :) I'm kinda giggly just thinking about it.

Sushi Samba 7th Avenue followed by drinks at the now closed @SQC with some of his friends

Typically we have Friday date night which usually includes Sushi and it always makes me think of our 1st date.

Isn't he a sweetie bringing me flowers last night? I'm a lucky girl!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lucky Lucky

April 2008, Rittenhouse Sq, Philadelphia

I am sad to see Winter go, but I know it will lead to the sweet things of Spring like these Daffodils and in a few more weeks, Cherry Blossoms.

As a kid, every holiday was done big in our family. Grandma hung these crazy cardboard cut-outs in the windows of our house. Made Irish Soda Bread, had Corned Beef Hash for dinner. She loved to cook & make holidays special. We are not Irish but she loved St Patrick's Day.

With that said, now as a somewhat grown up adult...

I don't DO St Patrick's Day. To me, it's another 'amateur night' like New Year's Eve. If I could sit at a barstool and enjoy a pint in peace I'd be more in the spirit of things (and boy oh boy does NYC get in the spirit!) but it's become a very crowded Americanized drunk fest. Not my cup of tea.

Though, I have to admit, thanks to a crowded Americanized drunken St Patrick's Day night 5 years ago at Metro 53 (ha!) I randomly met, for the 2nd time (it's all about timing ladies!) the man who would become my husband. Who would have known a 2nd chance encounter at a bridge & tunnel bar would lead to so much happiness and joy.

So whatever you're doing today - wearing green or not - be responsible and look out for love. And signs of Spring.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

You say Tomato...

Stuffed tomatoes are no new thing, but here's my attempt with no recipe and just some random stuff to make something yummy.

Wash tomato, cut top off, core out the guts inside.

Mix guts with salt & pepper, freshly squeeze lemon juice, oregano and/or italian blend of spice. Add some shredded mozzarella cheese.
Sprinkle cooking sheet/dish with some olive oil. Place tomato on sheet and fill with 'guts' mixture. Add more shredded cheese on top.
Bake at around 300F until warm and the cheese begins to melt

Serve and enjoy :)

How great would this be with Cheddar Cheese too? YUM


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Local Park,
For moments like this yeah I love you.
Dear Diet Coke,
I love you so so so much.

Dear Boboli,
Thanks for the best 'homemade' pizza that wasn't 'homemade'

I kinda love you almost as much as Diet Coke.

Dear Winter,
I love you. I know everyone will say I'm crazy. But I'm in luuuurve with you and am already sad you'll be gone soon.

Dear Coldplay,
Re-finding "Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)" and I love it. It sounds cliche but it's exactly what I need right now. Thanks.

Dear Tekserve,
Over $500 later, thanks for bringing my baby back to life.

Dear Girl Pals,
Thanks for suggesting that celebrating one of our birthdays involve "cupcakes for breakfast and champagne for dinner". You rock!

Dear Sister A and Sister E,
Mes t'aime.

Back to 'regular' blogging from here out.