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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pinterest Project

Happy January! 

Things have been a 4 month break from blogging busy. Ahhhh life.

Baby is no longer a baby. We're in that delightful gray area between baby and toddler. AKA 14 months old! 14 months!! Time flies. 

I've been wanting him to drink straw with a little more ease than he currently has and smoothies came to mind to give him an incentive to sip. They are yummy and a great way to eat fruits & veggies.

I turned to Pinterest and found a great recipe that included one of his favorite foods - avocado!

via the Lemon Bowl

hearts added because well, we loved it!

It was so good I made a second double batch for us grown ups. Yummm. 

It's cool, refreshing and so healthy! 

 Smoothie or otherwise, what are you drinking these days?