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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Under The Apple Tree

A few Saturdays ago we headed across the Hudson to Warwick, NY for some Apple Picking!

What a beautiful view! I could have stayed allll day.

Tons of trees
Even this late in the Fall there were baby apples growing! Look how tiny.
This one freaked me out a little when I picked it...

After an hour or so picking we rewarded ourselves with some goodies from their shop
Cider donuts...for the win! Nom noms.
Thank you to CC for the great rec. We loved Ochs.

Then we headed back to our side of the Hudson and North to President FDR's house & library.

Springwood. Beautiful. This was his mother's house.
Chilling on the back lawn...not a bad view.

Hope you are enjoying the Fall! What have you been up to?

H a p p y H a l l o w e e n !


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On Celebrations

Have been a busy blogger time for blogging! Apparently, teaching Kindergarten makes you tired?!?! Who knew! Also we've had a celebration or two...

Earlier this month it was T's birthday. So I went out and got an ice cream cake, from the New York favorite, Carvel Not 3 steps out of the store I remember that blue & yellow are the colors of a major college football rival. I went to a college where football wasn't a big deal so I have never really been good at avoiding certain colors in the Fall!
Sooooo happy the pack of candles I picked up had HIS colors - green & white!! Crisis averted.

side note, green & white played blue & yellow a few days later and WON.

After tons of cake, it was time for presents!
Wins, all around.

That same weekend we went out for our 3rd wedding anniversary to 11 Madison Park.
I got the reservation at the end of the summer and was so excited when Saturday finally rolled around! Dinner did not disappoint.
First of all the space is so beautiful. This is a shot from the bar but you can see the windows off in the distance. We sat by one and had a great view of the street & the park.

There's no menu. You get a card with a list of ingredients (crab, beef, chocolate, etc ) and can choose a 4 or 5 course dinner. You chat with the waitstaff (who are all super attentive) about your likes and dislikes and the chefs go from there. I took some food risks and chose 2 ingredients I had never had before. And now I can cross Foie Gras and Venison off my bucket list. I'd have them again, very good.

From our seats at the bar I saw the coolest wine list ever.
It's like a big scrabble board! Whites on the left, spelled out with wooden tiles, reds on the right. Never seen this before and I love it.

Not pictured...the cart that came when we ordered a glass of champagne. Yes - cart. So fun! Every restaurant...heck every home... should have a cart of champagne.

October babies & anniversaries...cheers to you!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Know Your Girls

What girls?

I'm referring to breasts of course. Save the Ta-Tas. I heart Boobies. Know your Girls. There are so many funny sayings but the topic is very serious.

October is, as you probably know, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I hate that it's a month. Cancer f-ing sucks (pardon my language). We should celebrate survivors and in honor of those who were taken from us, do all we can to find a cure all year long.

My grandma lost friends to breast cancer. There were no pink ribbons in canisters at the beauty counters then, you just didn't talk about it. As I grew up, my mom lost friends. We learned what it was and that it targets anyone and everyone. Now? It is only a matter of time until I have a friend who is diagnosed. Scary and sad but true. The good news? YOU have the power to detect it early ladies! Self exams are key.

pink is pretty, cancer my friends is not

Ok no more heavy. My mom had her "Save the Ta-Ta's" car magnet stolen off her mini-van. Maybe that's kinda sad but I find it funny. I mean who does that? I hope the Ta-Ta's are enjoying their new life on someone else's car! Mom, so sorry you had your Ta-Tas stolen! hahahahaha

As a college girl I was drawn to the sorority I ended up joining due to their philanthropy, Breast Cancer Awareness. Have you been watching the NFL this month? Of course you have! Tons of Zeta Tau Alpha ladies are out and about at the games handing out pink ribbons. Rock on sisters!

How does this all pertain to a blog about food? Simple. Save lids, save lives.

I love Yogurt. I'll eat whatever brand and try almost all flavors. Not Blueberry Vanilla and Strawberry are my favorite. This month I buy Yoplait and save my lids. Then I send them in Yoplait. For every lid they receive until December 31st 2010 they donate 10 cents to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Don't like Komen? That's fine, not everyone does. Stick to your beliefs, own what you own. I love you and respect you for your opinions. There are lots more places you can send your money! Including....

Also...please check out Why I Wore Lipstick for the story of a younger, awesome survivor who also happens to be my sorority sister. Read her book - you'll laugh and you'll cry. But most importantly? I hope you'll see just how important it is to know your girls.


Friday, October 8, 2010


I really hate spicy food. No Curry for me, red pepper flakes on my pizza and can't stand BBQ potato chips or pizza goldfish. Which is why when one of my little darlings brought the Red Hot Cheetos to school for snack I freaked. out.

Dear KStew, You said during New Moon promotion in Munich that you love RHC. Come to my classroom & have some with A & I at snacktime.

Apparently, there's always been a little elementary school drama over Red Hot Cheetos. Check out this interview from NPR back in '06. Kids really say the darndest things, including this gem:

"What would happen to me if I ate this whole bag?

Unidentified Child #5: Your booty might be burning."

How do I even try to continue writing after a booty comment?

Do you love any foods that most people can't stand?

Happy Weekend!!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On French Fries & Board Games

It's like Christmas has come early!

I love Monopoly. One of my favorite board games. I love that it's based on Atlantic City. I love being the banker. I love collecting the Rail Roads. I love building houses and trading them in for hotels. Bring. It. On.

I love McDonald's. Nuggets (fun to eat, fun to say!). Fries. The REAL playground, none of this ball-pit shenanigans kids have today.

Do you remember this? I hated it. Climbing up INSIDE the hamburger scared the living daylights out of me. As did most things when I was the target age for eating happy meals.

Thus, Monopoly at McDonald's is the combo of 2 of my favorite things.
I love collecting the game pieces. I love that you can win an instant prize (toady I won an angus beef snack wrap). I love it all!

My mom - growing up she made Monopoly at McDonald's so fun. We went every Friday for dinner. We'd lay our game pieces out and see if we won anything cool. We never did but it was fun to imagine what it'd be like if we did.

Fountain Diet Coke. It just tastes better than regular bottled coke. And at the risk of getting Super Sized, that may be all I buy to get game pieces from now on.

Will you be playing Monopoly at McDonald's? Any other board games you like?