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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being Crafty

Our apt is very much a ... mish-mosh of stuff. Frat-house chic is more like it but mish-mosh is funnier to say. I did a bunch of cleaning yesterday so I had the sudden burst to do more nesting today, mostly decorating.

I picked up 3 signs like this - live - laugh- love from Target all in white. So now I have to start getting crafty.  I plan for them to go on top of the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets and walls in the kitchen are white so the signs are going to need some more color. All 3 in a dark blue? Each a different color? Ahhh decisions. I see a Michael's trip in my future soon! 


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shrove Tuesday

I have to really think my many years of French classes for remembering that today is Mardi Gras. That, and 4 years spent in Pennsylvania Dutch territory for college where it is called Fasnacht Day. My boss at my job on campus always came in with donuts. Yum. Some of you may know it as Pancake Day. Pancakes, donuts, or any fried food - it's a last feast before the season of Lent begins. 
Tonight to celebrate - breakfast for supper! 

Can't have a post about pancakes without mentioning this awesome youtube video from a few years ago. I love it!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tea Sandwiches for 60

Yeah that's right 60. 
I snapped this pic last week, no idea what I was in store for. 
I volunteered to make sandwiches for a local collegiate chapter of my sorority for their last round of formal recruitment, know as Pref.  Aren't I a nice alum?
Here's the menu, all laid out at the grocery store check out
~Cucumber slices with cream cheese on white bread
~Hummus and sprouts on whole wheat
~Nutella and granola on cinnamon raisin

2 loaves of each bread - yes I had 6 loaves of bread to attempt to get home unsquished. 
Yes, I cut all the crusts off....I still can't believe I did that!
I bought twice as much as I thought I would need for everything. Wooops
The sandwiches were a huge hit - and my fellow volunteers and I maaay have snuck a sandwich or two. :)