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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Announcement: Pancakes

Oh Hi.
Family & dear friends have been told the good news.
I've been offered a seat on the subway.
So now it's finally time for a blog post.


So I'm pregnant! "Pancakes" is due 12/26. For those of you good with the calendar you've figured out that I'm around 22 weeks. It's great to watch the days click away on Christmas countdowns and know that's also a countdown for Pancakes.

As someone who loves food and cooking so much my first trimester was a pain. I hated food, mostly dinner. In fact for most of June my dinner was Pinkberry. My doctor is amazing and easy going so this didn't bother her one bit. I've craved some foods I've always loved (like BLTs) and had aversions to some of my typically favorite foods (chicken and just about everything Italian). Water and Odwalla protein shakes are my beverages of choice and I love them so so so much. Almost as much as Diet Coke & Coffee which, I am proud to say, I have not had since early May. It can be done!!

Oh...why Pancakes? Any OC fans out there? A character on the show,Summer Roberts, names her rabbit Pancakes and since I love all things Summer Roberts...well Pancakes is my baby's name for now. When Summer first gets Pancakes she doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl and neither do we. You don't get too many surprises in life and this is probably the best one to keep.

Aside from feeling tired I'm doing great and am very excited to add "Mommy" to my list of titles alongside Daughter, Sister and Wife.

Those of you who have known and supported me thus far...Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.