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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Eats & Treats

Baby Boy is a month old today. One Month. Time is flying already and veteran moms I'm sure you'll tell me it will only go faster from here on out...

We've got family coming to town next weekend to visit and see TV3. So excited. Our already tiny NYC apt will be bursting at the seams. To make things easier we'll be ordering in some platters of food or using the slow cooker for our holiday meals. Even with baby brain I think ordering in is the best idea I've had in a while!

Perhaps ordering in is not in the cards for you and you're searching for some new recipes to compliment your tried and true family holiday favorites. A great resource fell into my lap this morning by way of Facebook. Side note - is there nothing better than the booking of the face on a lazy Saturday morning??? Anyway, My First Playhouse linked to the flickr account for some great recipes. There's a delicious looking strawberry smoothie in glasses edged with crushed candy canes. YUM.

Hope this helps add some new ideas to your holiday meals!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Myself - Plus 1

TV3 heard something about food and showed up here...

I had a great experience during our hospital stay, but we were at the #1 hospital here in NYC. I was discharged after 3 nights but little man had to spend some extra time getting bigger and if you can believe it, learning to eat. I can assure you now at 3weeks old he's got the eating thing down.
After being discharged I went to visit TV3 and was promptly told by one particular nurse to go home, put my feet up, drink some wine and get some rest. Amazing advice is amazing.
I really disliked cooking during my pregnancy so getting back in the kitchen has really felt good this last week. Somewhere in between all things baby and mommy nap time, cooking has made me feel like myself again.

Yumma eggs over well

I love little tomatoes- makes cutting so manageable and they are a quick snack to munch on too
Grilled chicken - I know we had a bit of a long break there, glad to see you back on my grill pan

I did not cook this. Oh my no. This is a plate of take-out from Dinosaur BBQ. Friends came to meet baby boy and came bearing gifts in the form of pulled pork, ribs, chicken, mac & cheese and cornbread. Delicious. THANK YOU!!!