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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wine Wednesday

Please excuse the crooked photo - I'm trying to distract you from my messy kitchen table

This isn't wine. But it says Wine Wednesday. Trust. Read on...

I love when grown-ups go back to school. For whatever, a GED, BA, MS, JD, certificate to perm hair, license to drive a tractor - it's all kinds of awesomeness. I remember from Family & Consumer Sciences (read Home Ec) that we'll change our careers 3-5 times, on average. Woa...
It is rough going back to school- whether you do it full time or part time (as yours truly did) to go back & crack open the books. But so so worth it in the end!

Know what I also love? Sparkles. Yes the kind on my finger, but also the kind in my drink. I'm talking about you Champagne & Prosecco.

Luckily, when a little thing for us adults called GRADUATION rolls around - the Champers usually follows (i also love british

A few weeks ago we went to a grad party in Jersey. Not wanting to go empty handed, we brought some of the above pictured Prosecco. Prosecco, if you've never had it, is an Italian sparkling wine. It's very light & fresh and meant to be enjoyed RIGHT away. No saving old bottles like you do with Veuve Clicquot.

Not only did T buy a bottle for us to bring to the party...he brought 3!!!!! more!!!!! bottles!!!!
"I thought we could have some of our own"

3 bottles? Seriously? High fives & kisses to my husband for that.

I tried to open bottle #2 the other night when I was home alone (yup I drink alone & am proud of it!) and realized I have NO idea how to pop open a cork. Perhaps I should go back to school for that. Cheers friends!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Lucky Daddy has his birthday right around Father's Day. As a kid I thought that was so cool! Double presents! hehe Friday was the big 60! Yaaay Daddy!

Here are some pics of Daddy & I. He's a man of a few words so this post isn't very wordy, as a tribute.

At a little pond in our hometown, on a Fall Saturday feeding the most insane ducks in America.
I loved to go feed the ducks but they were ruthless. Like chase you into the car when you ran out of bread ruthless. Look at Daddy with his arm around baby girl.
The parking lot here fit 4 - 6 cars so three cheers to Daddy for getting a spot!
That yellow coat I had was the bomb.

Fast forward to another Fall over 20 years later. Daddy surrounded by wedding madness. My mom & 2 sisters, the other girls in my bridal party, hair & make-up chicas...what is a man to do? Stare out the window. All morning. Probably trying to figure out how in the world I grew up so fast. It's ok Dad, I don't know where the time has gone either.

Dad doesn't really like a big show. He's a quiet type. But he's fun. I mean he's been the Daddy to 3 daughters, how could he NOT be fun. He's sat thru tea parties, Barbies, countless cries of "I have nothing to wear" and has managed to come out alive.
So I sent him fun. A huge Edible Arrangements, complete with pineapple sliced in the shape of 60 and a bunch of balloons.
I know...the folding chairs in the background, a little white trashy no? I can't really explain. You'd have to know my Grandma.
And that is an entirely different post. :)

So dad - on your 60th birthday and 30th Father's Day let me be simple and to the point - I love you. Thank you for everything. It's great being your little girl.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Around Town

A few pics from Sunday shopping...

from Garden Gourmet in Kingsbridge...i finally got the guts to sneak a pic
when did they get a website? looks great!

a 'few' olive buckets

barrels of whole bean coffee. the smell is awesomesauce...

Up the hill... Riverdale Vintner

just a peak thru the windows today..
that is a carrying case of sorts for 2 flutes & a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. I'd die. Love the bubbly, love the iconic yellow, love anything served in a flute. And mostly, love the book about the lady behind it all. Cheers to women in business!

The flutes in the front on the left? Yeah really love them.

think pink - even with your wine
charles & charles - hope to try this soon!
further surfing around on their website - based in Washington State - I'd heart a little time in the Pacific NW, just saying...

Happy Shopping!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Drug Store Woes

What is it about the Drug Store? I go in for 1 thing - a greeting card, a new tooth brush, or a pack of gum and come out having spent $50? Never fails. Target is even worse. $100 gone as soon as the thought of going enters my mind.

Have you noticed all the products that are locked up behind glass with bells and whistles that go off if you even touch them? One of my biggest pet peeves. All the candy & gum is behind the counter at our local delis & bodegas. That I get tho - kids can have super sticky fingers when it comes to gum. And given my love of chocolate maybe it's best too :) Kidding...

Let me bring you down my local Aisle 2. That's where some of my favorite things are. Travel sized health & beauty items & hair accessories. Also down this aisle - the locked up razors. AND? Deodorant.
Why deodorant is locked up I have no idea. If you can educate me, please do so.
I hate this because you have to find an employee, with KEYS, to open up the case so you can buy what you want. And I hate being treated like I'm going to steal...

True Story - growing up there were 2 malls close to us on the Island. We always went to the one closest to home. The one time we went to the other mall, mom got freaked out because there were security guards EVERYWHERE. "I don't want to be watched while I shop. We are never coming here again". I have no other memory of any other trips to that mall.

So thank you to Peapod for being my savior and delivering my razors up 5 flights of stairs to my apt. No bells and whistles going off except for the door bell.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Goodies for June 2

My typical Tuesday waiting for Peapod to deliver groceries happened today due to the 3 day weekend & forgetting to submit the order. Ooops.

Here are some goodies.

Peaches. So so good. Not from GA but it'll do.

I mean what's better than a Blue Moon??!
(ummm why is there a trick or treat pumpkin in the background of this picture?)
Am really enjoying coming home and having a beer after work. So much.

Kashi & Clif Bars.
Now - the Kashi bars and I have been in a relationship for some time now. I ship them. They are soo so good. When I remember, I take one to work and instead of eating a fatty muffin on my prep period I'll eat a Kashi bar and be good to go until lunch. It is a great filling snack. It tastes good and it's healthy. High five to Kashi.
Now on to the Clif Bars.
Yes - you see the label correctly - it's the kids bar. I am a forever 5 year old. I mean really kids get the best packaging & marketing when it comes to food and well just about everything. What grown up doesn't need a Happy Meal every so often? We totally get the short end of the stick ordering an Extra Value Meal. Just saying. Back to Clif. I just tried the chocolate bar on Monday and it was so so good. Filling and yummy. Overall a great snack food. Embrace your inner child and try a Clif Kids Bar.