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Friday, March 29, 2013

Keeping of the House

Two kinds of Housekeeping to discuss. 

First - the obvious. 
The kind of housekeeping we probably all dislike. 

The only room I truly care to keep spic & span is the bathroom. I liked cleaning the bathroom as a little girl. We had a very small bathroom. Somehow, there were treasures in that tiny cramped room. A water pic toothbrush set with 4 different brush heads, my grandfather's lava soap in a tub, my mom's cleanser and moisturizer with the pink lids. As a little girl I guess it was all magical to be able to clean up a room where so much stuff was off limits normally.  I love thinking of these kinds of childhood memories, I don't know I'm a big sap!

I use a spray cleaner in the bathroom from The Honest Company these days. It smells great, is non-toxic and is delivered to my door in a monthly bundle of goodies. BAM.

Second - Blog Housekeeping

For many good reasons blogging has taken a back seat the last few months. Probably safer to say the last year and a half. I still keep up with some favorite blogs but wish I made more time for a post of my own. 

I have a challenge for myself for the Spring and Summer. 4 posts a month. 
2 posts will be a new feature I'm going to call "Mama Whisk Mondays".  A place for me to write about the fun things we've done as a family, a baby/toddler product we love, etc. Sensory Bins are our jam right now so expect a few posts about those!
2 other posts I hope to write about cooking & eating, what The Urban Whisk was all about in the first place. Or at the very least Wordless Wednesday posts of something food related. 

Look for the first Mama Whisk Monday post this coming Monday! 

TV3 says come to his kitchen anytime :)


Wednesday, March 27, 2013