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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks and Giving

I came across a blog entry this morning that really made me think about what it means to be thankful. Thanks To Write Love on Her Arms. for the Thanksgiving dose of perspective.

"If you're reading this, you're probably reading it on a computer, which means you probably have a lot to be thankful for. "

Very true. So many things to be thankful for this year. Life is very good.

I'm thankful for silly things like Converse sneakers, comfy sweats and Khiel's lip balm.
Lychee Martinis, M&Ms and Greek Yogurt.
For BlackBerryMessenger, DVDs and iPods.

Here are some not so silly things that I'm so very thankful for

New York
For nights like this...with a walk across 19th street after dinner. For the energy & excitement of places like Times Square but the quiet spaces like our local park. Life here is amazing!

For life long friends and the friends I've just made. The ones in NYC and the friends far away.
Sorority sisters and coworkers. Blogger friends & Twitter friends. For friends found in the most unlikely places. Thank you all for the laughs, the tears and the laughs that became tears!

Mom & Dad, amazing, supportive, loving parents. A& E, not just my sisters but my best friends.
"I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart."
And's cheesy but I can't really put into words how thankful I am for you. And not just because you do the dishes & take out the trash. For our Thanksgiving for 2 and many more to come...<3

In Inwood, following a big Columbia win a few weeks ago. Roar Lion Roar.

Hope you had a blessed day. Thank you for reading!


Monday, November 22, 2010

A Toast

I bought the December VF for a "little" exert from a book about Prince William.
Little being umm almost a dozen pages. A very interesting read for all your Royal Watchers.
and Cher is back! Wait what?!

OK Moving on...

Really great ad on pages 82 & 83 from Grey Goose called "A Toast" that I had to share!

to nearest * to dearest
to the crew * to cahoots
to the ones who've been there *to the ones who'll be there
to dropping everything *to saying anything
to no judgements * to no doubts
to loyalty * to trust
to favore * to lifelongs
to been too long * to nothing's changed
to having history * to having your back
to moving away * to never too far
to growing up * to settling down
to your second family * to friends
to celebrating the holidays with those who matter most

I love it. Well done Grey Goose!!!
Send a toast to a friend thru their website, here.

Today I am so thankful for friends, old and new. Cheers darlings.

What are you toasting to these days?


Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have been meaning all month to post a few "Thankful" posts. I saw the idea on Mama Loves Papa to post every day with something I'm thankful for. Clearly life has gotten in the way of that grand plan.

BWS tips button

It's the 20th, November is almost's a few less than 20 things that I'm thankful for.

- My current location - the couch. I had nothing in the way of furniture when I moved to this apt. So thankful a guy with a couch came along and decided to move in ;)
- Little Sister who always seems to know the cool new blogs (like Mama Loves Papa) & shares this info with me. Love you Ace.
- Baby Sister who says "good bye" in the same tone as she did when she was 5! It's a sweet reminder of days gone by when we were all little girls.
- Chucks. Seriously, where have Converse Sneakers been all my life? Best work shoe ever.
- Greg and Steve - Kindergarten would not be the same without you guys!
- Fergie and her song "Big Girls Don't Cry" which oddly enough found it's way into Kindergarten this week
- Mustard - my favorite sandwich spread. Just say no to Mayo.
- High Class Cabs - for getting me to work a few days this week after I hit snooze too many times
- Tekserve geeks down on 23rd! Holla! Busted laptop fixed in just a few days.
- Sweet guy at the UWS Apple store who helped us buy a new MacBookPro. Yay!
- TransitChek it's been over a year since I finally signed up for this amazing service. I suppose I should put it to better use and stop taking cabs eh?
- Delivery, delivery delivery...when we leave NYC I don't know what I'll do! You can get everything delivered here.
- Thanksgiving dinner? Done.
- Gossip Mags. Just the perfect fluff to read on the way to work.
- Crossing off something from the NYC Bucket List - a Columbia home football game. So fun. Your ticket gets you into a pre-game tailgate with 4 free beers. Nice.
- Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes segment. Only on Fridays, which is the only day I can watch. Win!
- Weekend subway track work. Even though our line has been down every weekend since the end of Sept, which is a huge hassle, it's also been a relief. No clanking noises overhead as you walk along Broadway? Amazing.

More Thankful lists to come I hope! Enjoy the weekend.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Back

Time to Fall Back the fall look on the blog. Which took about an hour since I'm an idiot and deleted my template, went back to 2 columns and had to fix it all. Awesome.

Happy November!