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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Night Is Alright

Cold cold weekend. Brings out the hermit in me. I'm perfectly happy at home all weekend under the covers reading or playing on the internet. Cold weather also brings out the home organizer in me. I love doing this at the beginning of the year to refresh & recharge.

Refilled some Tupperware containers with goodies for side dishes at dinner. From top to bottom it's Quinoa, CousCous and Brown Rice. So nice to get rid of the boxes and have everything in a container behind a closed cabinet door.

Calendar stickers! OMG my inner child is in love. Who doesn't love a sticker?

Thanks to the Fam for this belated Christmas gift. A new Kitty pic every month?! Love.

Also did a little fridge organizing. Behold my favorite side of the lower shelf. That's Horizon Chocolate Milks and Honest Kids Pink Leemonad chilling out. Yummm. You're never too old for a juice box my friends!

Kinda loving that this was at the grocery store tonite. Donut day isn't till March this year!

Yes...Saturday night at the grocery store. It was basically empty and perfect if you ask me.

Saturday Night is Alright


Saturday, January 1, 2011

What To Whisk in 2011

A few recipes I've bookmarked for the year New Year's Resolution in food!

either mushroom or butternut squash or both

I think homemade Granola, in a glass jar with a pretty bit of ribbon & a label would be a great hostess gift

Difficult since I have oven issues.

made them in '09, I have a bag of themix already purchased and ready to go!

Requires a purchase of a waffle maker. No recipe just yet, think I'll call my mom for hers.

Just the best comfort food everrr

Their pictures makes it look so pretty!

Cinnamon Rolls
either these from The PW or the ones from a tube.

And on that note...ending this post with a Gilmore-ism.

"I can cook anything that comes in a tube!"

Happy New Year!